carbon monoxide detectors

Superior landlord’s association program (SLAP) will be having its next meeting at the Superior public library December 9th at 6:30. We will have a guest speaker Tim Friendt, He is a factory rep for Lesko and will be speaking on the new carbon monoxide detector requirements going into effect on April 1st. Tim should also be able to answer any smoke detector or fire extinguisher questions you might have.
Tim worked at Graybar Electric in Minneapolis from 1994 until 2001. He owned and ran his own construction company in Minneapolis from 2001-2007 doing light commercial and residential construction. He started at Lesco in June 2007 through the present. While at Lesco he has sold Firex smoke detectors which is now owned by Kiddee. He has received training on carbon monoxide detectors from Kiddee/Firex while working at Lesco. He has given similar presentations to other communities in Wisconsin concerning the new Carbon monoxide legislation that is going into effect. We invite all landlords to come. Tenants and homeowners are also welcome to attend.

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